Home Meds RX is a full-service pharmacy, committed to outstanding modern pharmacy services.


We transition patients into a worry-free, EZ Dose system within the New York City Metro Area.

Home Meds helps with patient’s wellness through a seamless prescription routine. We’re commited to providing a dependable service, which means never fearing missed refills, adding medications, and remaining transparent. The needs of a patient who might face multiple medications for a variety of diseases, illnesses, or other conditions make this not only simpler, but medically safer.

Human error can cause issues. Whether it’s sorting pills in a pharmacy or at home, mistakes can and do happen. That’s why we’ve invested the best resources in production equipment, using state of the art sorting that provides the most accurate way to receive prescriptions.


Our service is all about making things easier.

Pre-sorted and clearly described, EZ Dose makes an easy, dependable, and safe pharmaceutical prescription service regardless of age, ability, or need. Everyone deserves accurate, on-time, and simple pharmacy services for optimum health and wellness.

We work alongside your doctors, making sure that your daily life is not impacted from missed refills, incorrect dosages, mixed medication, or improper use of prescriptions.


So you can live with greater freedom.


By overcoming the challenges of medication access and sorting, time and energy for patients using Home Meds RX put it elsewhere – like focusing on enjoying their lives alongside their prescription needs, instead of being challenged to meet them every day.


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E-mail: [email protected]
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