Medication Management made EZ

See how EZ Dose gives ideal patient wellness.

HomeMeds Ez Dose medication management program makes pharmacy services simple. Sorted, filled, and delivered to patient’s doorstep. Your medications are individually packaged and ready to be taken at the time your doctor directed you to. HomeMeds pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy making sure you get better wellness through understanding and communication.

HomeMeds medication management program is the evolution of pharmacy.

Ensuring medication compliance one packet at a time.

Improved Wellbeing

Utilizing our medication management program allows you to simplify taking your medications by eliminating the pill vile and organizing all your medications in individualized dose packets. This promotes medication compliance and less chance for confusion in your daily routine. EZ Dose improves your wellbeing by ensuring you are properly taking your medications at the time your doctor instructed you to.  

Sorted and Delivered

We provide an easier and simpler solution to dispensing medications. Our medication management system is aware of your medication schedule. We synchronize your medications from all your prescribers to be filled on the same date. We keep an outstanding relationship with your doctor and request refills from them so you won’t have to and deliver the medications directly to your doorstep    

How It’s Easy

Just Click on the Get started button to fill out our new patient form and one of our representatives will make a wellness call to you within 48 hours

What’s the Big Difference?

It’s truly easy. Simply rip off the individual dose packet, verify the medications that is printed on the packet to ensure you are taking the correct dose in the day and take with plenty of water. the corresponding packet will inform you of when you need to take your next dose. 

We Made the Changes That Mattered Most.

Let’s figure out how to get you on your way to better health.

Medications made easy, safe, and simple for anyone.

We take care of the rest.

You are human

Dosage mistakes happen. It is common to lose pills, miss a dose, underdose or overdose. Mismanaging your medications can result in you or your loved ones needing to be rushed to the hospital. HomeMeds pharmacy’s medication management program can help you avoid confusion and bring a sense of control back to the patient. 


Doctor, Patient and Pharmacy relationship

HomeMeds Pharmacy provides an opportunity for a patient to gain an outstanding Doctor, Patient and pharmacy relationship through our wellness staff. Our wellness staff ensures a strong communication with every patient’s doctor for optimal understanding of the directions of each medication for us to manage properly. We also request medication refills in advance to help eliminate any gaps in between fills.


Why It’s Simple 

We do all the work for you. Once you Get started and fill out our call back information form, one of our Wellness staff members will reach out to you within 48 hours to personally create a profile for you. We then reach out to all your prescribers for your new prescriptions and have your HomeMeds EZ dose medication management program hand delivered Directly to your doorstep. 


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