Spend Time Doing What You Love.

See how EZ Dose gives ideal patient wellness.

Ez Dose makes pharmacy services simple. Sorted, filled, and delivered to patients, prescriptions are packaged and ready to be taken with just a glance. Home Meds RX is a full-service pharmacy making sure you get better wellness, from a worry-free prescription service.

Home Meds is your modern pharmacy.

Perfect for patients, and those that care for them.

Improved Wellbeing

Those using EZ Dose it means accurate dosages, no sorting

prescriptions, and improved health

outcomes for optimum patient wellness.


Sorted and Delivered

We provide an easier, simple solution to receiving medications.

EZ Dose, our innovative delivery system is packaged

within a pill pack, and arrives to our patient’s location.


How It’s Easy

Just use a simple sign-up with our caring customer service members,

and you’re on your way. EZ Dose is the pharmacy that comes to you.


What’s the Big Difference?

It’s truly easy. Simply take off the individual package, see the

pills that need to be taken – without ever leaving a patient’s side.

ever leaving a patient’s side, all medication needs are done.

We Made the Changes That Mattered Most.

Let’s figure out how to get you on your way to better health.

Medications made easy, safe, and simple for anyone.

We take care of the rest.

Prescriptions Go Wrong

Dosage mistakes. Missed pills. Pharmacy Trips. Making sure a patients medications

are ready means saving time, providing patients and providers with better healthcare results,

instead of struggling to manage complicated prescription schedules and refills.

How We Fixed It

Delivered to our patients location, like a personal residence, care facility,

hospital, or other location, Home Meds updated the out-of-date pharmacy.


Why It’s Simple 

EZ Dose packaged medications pill packs showwhat pills to take them with.

Our service, within New York Metro area, allows patients and their

caregivers to make more time for things that matter and one less thing to worry about.

Tel: 718-534-1199
Fax: 718-534-1198
E-mail: info@homemedsrx.com
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